Experience the view of the Strait of Gibraltar from Cape Spartel

Cape Spartel, a few kilometers away from Tangier, is a place as mythical as strategic. It is here, according to legend, that the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. This promontory offers a breathtaking view of the Strait of Gibraltar, especially when you are at the top of the lighthouse. Built in the 19th century, this building aimed to reduce the number of shipwrecks near the cliff of Cape Spartel. You can see it while walking the trails along the coast.

This hike punctuated by the sound of waves and the noises of seagulls is a particularly soothing excursion, and recommended by local guides. As you walk, you will dive into the myths surrounding this fascinating place, like the one that says that Atlantis would be in the depths of the cape...

For a more peaceful promenade, but just as pleasant, you can discover the Perdicaris park, named after the American diplomat who built it. In this exceptional botanical garden, you will have the opportunity to stroll among exotic plants and stone pines, which offer a particularly appreciated shade during the hot weather. The most sporty can try surfing on the beaches of Cape Spartel, a beautiful way to admire this unique site from a different angle.

The adventure is at the gates of Tangier, amateur of diving? Don’t miss the waters at the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar. Nature composes spectacular paintings mixing seaweed and underwater rocks between which fish twirl.
Further west, off the Atlantic coast, the caves of Hercules dig the massif of Cap Spartel. On the spot, you discover a granite mass pierced with light and overlooking the ocean and the African coast. A show like no other!

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