Traveling to Tangier Q&A

Is Tangiers worth visiting?

Indeed, a trip to Tangier is always an excellent option. The diverse culture, rich history and historical neighborhoods like Grand Socco, Petit Socco and the Old Medina,Bab Al Fahs and the Mendoubia gardens at rue d’Italie are worth a visit.

How many days in Tangier is enough?

2-4 days are enough to explore the city and enjoy al the monuments, food and beaches.

Is Tangier a walkable city?

Definitely, the old medina of Tangier can only be enjoyed on foot.

Why is Tangier so famous?

Tangier is famous for its location, history and celebrities : Paul Bowles, William Burroughs, Tennessee Williams, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Brion Gysin and the Rolling Stones…

Is it safe to walk around Tangier?

Yes Tangier is a safe city for tourists.

Can you speak English in Tangier?

Yes English, Spanish, Moroccan Darija and French are widely used in Tangier.

How to spend a day in Tangier?

  • Perdicaris park (Take the Big Taxi from iberia district) (5dh or 0.50£)
  • The Grand Socco & Rif Cinema
  • Sipping Tea and shopping at the old Medina market & Petit Socco
  • The Phoenician Tombs  (Mershan District)
  • Cafe Hafa
  • The Kasbah alleyways
  • Ibn Battouta Museum (Borj Naam)
  • The Kasbah Museum and the Modern Art Museum

Is Tangier good for tourists?

Absolutely, Tangier is a touristic city and a popular destination.

Why is Tangier called the White city?

Tangier is often called the white city or more precisely the white and blue city due the colour of the houses and building, mostly white with blue windows.

Is Tangier expensive for tourists?

Tangier is one of the most affordable cities for travellers, you can enjoy your day in Tangier for a budget around 20-30£ max.

What celebrities lived in Tangier?

Eugène Delacroix, Paul Bowles, Henri Matisse, Kerouac, Beckett, Yves Saint Laurent, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones and many others…


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